Memories of Birch Bay

What are your vacation memories from Birch Bay?

Enjoying a leisurely stroll along the Birch Bay sea shore, gathering shells.

Riding bikes from Birch Bay State Park to the C Shop for snowcones, cinnamon bears and jelly beans.

When the tide is out at Birch Bay, it goes way out, leaving a huge area for children to explore. There are people with buckets and shovels, digging for clams and oysters. Closer to shore there are people just walking along the beach.

I like to  turn over the rocks and see all the little crabs scurrying for cover.

Boating, biking, crabbing, and clam-digging are just a few of the pastimes people can enjoy here before relaxing in the evening to a brilliant sunset over the Canadian Gulf Islands in the distance.

A morning bike ride with breathtaking views of Mt. Baker and the San Juan Islands.

Birdwatching over breakfast for eagles, herons and many other local varieties.

Building sandcastles and exploring marine life on the tideflats at Birch Bay State Park.

Savoring a scrumptious dinner at one of Birch Bay’s fine restaurants.

Enjoying one of Birch Bay’s beautiful sunsets.

We swam, we visited, we played games, we walked the beach: the things happily remembered by our family.

It was always fun to go as a family. Except for the night my brother kept us awake whistling for the neighbor's horse in his sleep.

What are some of your favorite things to do at Birch Bay? Please enter your comments below:

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