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We have lots of fun kayaking in and around Birch Bay. Recently we took some friends along Tyrell Creek and out into the bay.

As always, you can click on a photo to enlarge. Be sure to kayak safely, and always wear an approved lifejacket.


Getting Started

Since the cabin backs up to the creek, it is easy to start out. Best done at high tide so you have no trouble getting out into the bay. The creek is mostly about knee deep, although in some spots it is more shallow such as under some bridges and near where the creek feeds into the bay.


Ready to Go

So here we are all set to paddle down the creek. It is fun to go in a group like this.


Paddling Along

You can see herons and eagles and kingfishers and lots of other birds along the creek. In the summer if you look down and the water is not too cloudy (around high or low tide) you can see fish and baby crabs.

Getting To The Bay

Just before the creek feeds into the bay, it can be a bit shallow. It depends on how high the tide is as to if you need to get out and portage your kayak over the shallows. We only had to walk a short distance.

Image Image Image


In The Bay

Once we were into the bay, the water was beautifully clear. You could see below your kayak. The weather was perfect too.

Image Image  


Perhaps you have your own Birch Bay kayaking story to share?

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