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Bird Watching In Birch Bay

Update,click here to hear a recording of some bird calls. Taken in Birch Bay 6/10/06.

If you like bird watching, this is the place for you. Birch Bay is noted by the Audubon Society as one of the best places to watch birds in Washington State. It has a large shallow bay, with large concentrations of birds in the southwestern part of the bay.

Flocks of up to 25,000 Scotes, Loons, Gulls, Murres and other species feed on herring roe in the bay. You can view loons, grebes , ducks, and shorebirds that winter on in the bay.

There are so many species to see. Here you can get a checklist of species, which shows you just how many there are. Obviously your results will vary according to the time of year. Often you get better results in the winter when you get migrants, and the human visitors to the area are fewer.

Image Image Image

If you are going to do it justice you should plan to stay for a few days and really take your time. Perhaps rent one of the many cabins available. In the off season, this can be a bargain.

Be sure to bring clothing suitable for the time of year, and take food and water with you, since you could be outside for a long period at a time.

Most folks bring their binoculars and a bird book, and some folks will bring a spotting scope and tripod.

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If you are into photography, of course bring your camera and a suitable telephoto lens. This next photograph was taken with a 300mm lens. You may want more reach than that, or you need patience to get close enough to take a decent photograph.


We endorse the Code of Birding Ethics developed by the American Birding Association.  All birders are encouraged to abide by the code.

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