Kayaking is a popular activity here. The bay is quite calm and shallow, which is good for beginners. There is also a creek to explore. At high tide you can get from the creek out to the bay and vice versa. At low tide you may have to get out and carry your kayak over the shallow areas. Always wear your lifejacket though, just in case.

Within a short drive there are lots of other creeks to explore, and many shallow bays too. Birch Bay is a great place to have a home base, and then explore from there. Make sure you have a spare paddle, and perhaps a bilge pump and a paddle float with you. If you are going on a long paddle, be sure to tell people where you are going and when you plan to return.

Kayaking Safety

Click here to read some kayaking safety info from Columbia River Kayaking. It covers WA and OR information.

Image Transport Canada has this helpful guide which is available in both HTML and PDF format.

The weather is heating up, and it is time to go visit the beach and enjoy yourself. Do you have your vacation booked yet? Consider Birch Bay as an option this year.

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